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 Aaron "Spade" Peters

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Fusion Championship
Wrestling Contract


Aaron "Spade" Peters 1%7E3
Name: Aaron Peters

Alias/Nickname(s): Spade

Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Height: 6'2"

Weight: 240
Picbase: MR. Kennedy
Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: Cocky
Quote(s): Play your cards right!
Music: For whom the bell tolls

Entrance (Write it as you'd like it to appear on the

Appearance:wears short tights with cards on them, along with ♠♣♥♦

Please Provide The Minimum Number Of Moves, But You
Can Give More

Basic Attacks (Punches, Kicks

1. spinning wheel kick
2. Yakuza kick
3. spinning clothesline
4. Big Boot
5. Mafia punch
6. Dropkick

Front Grapples (Suplexes, DDTs

1. Ace High - (Regular Cutter)
2. Full House - (Piledriver)
3. Spinning Neckbreaker
4. bodyslam
5. suplex
6. brainbuster
7. DDT
8. suplex into facecrusher

Ground Moves (Leg Drop, Stomps

1. soccer kick
2. Running Knee Drop
3. leg drop
4. elbow drop

Back Grapples (Back Suplexes, School
Boy Pins etc.)

1. German Suplex
2. Triple German Suplex
3. Reverse DDT
4. Dropkick to back of head
5. bulldog

Running Attacks
(Clotheslines, Spears etc.)

1. spear
2. STO

Diving Attacks (Mssile
Dropkicks, Frog Splashes etc.)

1. Dropkick
2. Moonsault
3. flying DDT

Submission Moves
(Boston Crabs, Face Locks

1. Figure 4 Leglock
2. Crossface
3. Camel Clutch
4. Ankle Lock


Finishers (Up to

1. Royal Flush (Pedigree)
2. Straight Flush (running Kick to face while on ground, Randy Orton style)


1. B.A.D Bottoms Up (Rock Bottom)
2. Double A (Swanton Bomb)

Special Weapon

1. Double A off Ladder
2. Straight Flush with chair


♥♥The Queen of Hearts♥♥: [color=#FF00FF]Say what you want about the B.A.D being the last to
comment. Tell us itís not the best way to keep our championships...it doesnít
matter. You know why? Itís the simple fact that we still have these tag team
championships and no one is going to be able to dethrone the Royal Flush or take
down the Royal Henchmen...not any time soon...




♠♣♥ For once the B.A.D The Royal Flush donít have a
clever background, a clever and sometimes funny promo, this time there just
getting straight to the point! No bullshit, just a good old fashion

[color=#FF0000]A-fuckin-mazing. Those were the words I had
in my mouth after watching ĎThe Boy Wonderí Tails and Special Edís promo or
whatever them sad excuse were! Just amazing. Boy Wonder youíll do just about
anything to get the media to pay attention to you? Letís be quite honest here,
The Spandex Kid. Thatís the only way anyone will ever, ever, ever pay attention
to you, Come on Homeslice, You got a tag-team partner who is drooling over
Elephantís dropping a duce! You have to MAKE yourself noticeable. You have to
MAKE yourself the center of attention. Itís what youíve done your whole career.
Youíve been nothing and you are nothing. See, thatís the difference between me
and you. You have to MAKE yourself noticeable, while the B.A.D are noticeable.
Hell, we take a goddamn breath and the media is all over us. We step into a
building and WE have photographers, people wanting autographs, are groupies,
everyone wants a piece of the royal Flush and all we do is breathe in and

Itís incredibly amazing that Tails, the
sonic reject brings up the fact that were unoriginal and biting the style of
Frank Hart. Its funny really, when we were the oneís who pointed that fact out
to him, and all he did was switch it up and try to make it his! Itís amazing
that your only argument is X marks the spot?!? What the fuck are you talking
about son? This isnít Treasure Island! Run of the mill wrestlers? Son, we had
these tag-titles for likeÖEverÖAnd you couldnít even successfully defend your IC
title once? Nothing Special? Son, take a look in the mirror before popping off
at the mouth to a champion!

Special EdÖHow the hell are you a wrestler?
Wait a better question, how the hell are you getting a shot at our titles? That
sorry ass attempt of a promo, was nothing more then a fucked up, episode of
Robot Chicken! He tried to say were nothing but a pile of shit, and he did this
with a clip of his over-weight mother dropping a duce! Special Ed, we get the
point, you got a fetish over the animal channelÖNow try being a real wrestler
for onceÖYou know what Sped, maybe your not cut out for this line of work, maybe
you should be in the back of a KFC asking me if I wanted my chicken crunchy or
spicyÖOur a helping hand for your local grocery store!


♥Queen of Harts♥♥: [color=#FF00FF]Well...you do know that this team isnít your average
everyday jobber team. They have held over our heads how fantastic they areÖI
mean Kid Spandex really thinks him and Sped got a shot are our titlesÖTheyíre
really giving it there all, if thatís what you want to call Spedís promoÖ Are
they trying to keep us on our toes? I guess us old people need that kind of
excitement every now and again, right?

[color=#FF0000]Spedís a joke, and his monkey boy partner is
a bigger joke.

People donít understand that are name really
does mean something, Kid Spandex said were a bunch of nobodies, when were the
longest reigning Tag-team champions in the history of Breakdown. Really What
makes these two corn-fuckers think there going to take out undisputed Tag

You say that the only advantage We have over
people is intimidation? No, Kid Spandex, youíre dead wrong Homeslice, The only
advantage we have over people is talent. Ask anyone who has been in the ring
with us in the last year. When we faced the Odd Couple it was a straight
murking! I guarantee you put Anyone in our path right now and theyíll be leaving
on a stretcher due to a tragic requiem. Itís kinda how you two are going to be
leaving Thursday. You two are going to be executed and then everyone will gather
for your requiem. Itís written in stone already and when you realize it itíll be
too late!

Do you see, Kid Spandex? Do you see damage
that can be caused by a simple running of the mouth? By simply pressing a foot
to the side of your face, you can cause a calamity. Imagine just for one second,
what kind of damage a golden team like us would cause?

Sped, List off the one and only time you
were able to get one up on the greatest tag-team to ever lived! Because It
doesnít really matter. Because Were at the helm of a federation and were ridding
you Jobbers straight to the top. Does that make you sick, Sped? Does that make
you want to throw your hands up in the air and scream for your life? If I were
you, Iíd want to shut me up for doing that. But, unfortunately, you donít have
enough skill to take me out. Sorry, Sped, itís just facts.

And speaking of which, where the hell does
someone come up with the in-ring name Special K, and his tag-line is not that
kind of Special?!? Come on Sped, Your more Special then good old Eugene! Were
you playing some Pokemon and all of a sudden Special K appeared and you captured
it? Did you think ďDamn, thatís a bad ass name. I SOOO need to use that!Ē Itís
probably the worst name Iíve ever heard in my life. Itís probably the least
marketable name out there. You shouldnít have picked such a stupid ass name.
But, I expect you to come back at me saying Iím a no talent hack and that the
only reason Iím the tag-team champion is for some unknown reason and then youíll
holler and scream that you should be any type of Champion or whatever. Iím sorry
Sped, but if weíre going by Kid Spandexís logic, youíve already lost to us.
Hell, youíve lost to B.A.D and to King Clown, so youíre fucked my friend, Or
should I say youíre marked, Kid Spandex?

And donít think were not paying you no mind
Kid Spandex, weíll be watching out for you too. Not for you to pull
4756347856497880345883 car pile-ups, but Iíll be watching what idiotic bullshit
you spew from your mouth. Iíll be watching you call me names and trash are
credibility, but remember who is your tag-team Championship. Remember what
championships youíre all trying to capture. Then you can look at the B.A.D,
after you both have been executed and requiem, you will realize that when the
men talk, you listen. B.A.D and I will run a train on you bitches. After itís
over, youíll finally remember are names. And Kid Spandex will wish he joined the
Royal Henchmen.

of Harts♥♥:
we are what we say we
are. We are the best that this company has to offer...maybe theyíre rewarding us
for all that hard work in the pastÖwho knows... I mean why else would they offer
up to smoes to my boys?
I mean weíve had pretty easy competition thus far...no
real threat to the tag team championships that is.

♦♦Diamond♦♦: Iíve never had to pull a fuckiní stunt in my life to get
the people talking, unlike Kid Spandex! All Iíve done is got on the mic, told
everybody what Iím going to do, and then I go into that ring and DO it. Itís not
rocket science, son. Thereís a reason were the best tag-team in the history of
the JWF. Thereís a reason youíre a mere after thought

A car crash? Are you that lame, Kid Spandex?
Are you that pathetic? Do you sit at home at night, make sure your roommates and
your faggot ass Brother Johnny Stylez are tucked in there bed, walk slowly down
the stairs and put on some Dragon ball Z for your much needed jack off

[color:e0eb=#FFFFFF:e0eb]♦♦Diamond♦♦: [color:e0eb=#008000:e0eb]And thisÖ THIS is the supposed threat to the B.A.D reign?
Some fuckstick, bigot, attention seeking whore and geek number 9854689985489546
who jacks off to Japanese toons?[color:e0eb=#008080:e0eb]
[color:e0eb=#008000:e0eb]Yeah, Iím shaking in my bloody boots, boysÖ
I really, really am.[color:e0eb=#008080:e0eb]


♥♥Queen of Harts♥♥: And believe us when we say weíre the best. We donít say
it because we like to hear ourselves talk; we say it because itís the damn
truth. Just ask the Odd Couple, just ask the Hillbillies of the JWF...Hell after
we defeated the Odd Couple, they havenít been seen since! Ran them son of a
bitches right out of town! Hmm...guess we have a habit of making the tag teams
that weíve faced disappear...I wonder why that is. Oh yeah, thatís right Ė itís
because theyíve officially realized that The B.A.D the Royal Flush are the
Undisputed tag team champions, they are the ones to beat. Theyíve done
everything there is to do and more...Now if you excuse us, this here promo is
over, My boys need to get some more training time in!

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Aaron "Spade" Peters
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