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 "The Shining Wizard" Travis Jeffries

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Travis Jeffries

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PostSubject: "The Shining Wizard" Travis Jeffries   "The Shining Wizard" Travis Jeffries Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2007 4:39 pm

Fusion Championship Wrestling Contract Signing
Superstar's Image:
"The Shining Wizard" Travis Jeffries Bioxu4
Superstar's Name: Travis Jeffries
Alias/Nickname(s): "The Shining Wizard." (Prefix.)
Gender: Male.
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Height: 5ft 9.
Weight: 202 lbs.
Picbase: Chris Sabin.
Alignment: Heel.
Gimmick: Sadistic, Horror Movie Type Character.
"Sorry, 'Bout Your Damn Luck."
"You Are About To Experience My Wrath."
"Let The Pain Set In, Before Your Life Goes Out.
"I Hold The Key To Your Life, Would You Like It Back?"

Theme Music: Alive - P.O.D.

Entrance (Write it as you'd like it to appear on the results):
Alive blares out through the many speakers of the FCW arena, black and white fireworks shoot out of the holes in the entrance ramp. As the fireworks are going off, we see a figure amongst them, the firworks suddenly stop and the fans can now clearly see that the figure in the fireworks is Travis Jeffries. Some fans cheer whilst most boo. Travis doesn't care though as he walks down the entrance ramp shouting abuse at the fans. He gets to the ring and does a huge leap, landing on the apron, he then holds the rope with both hands and jumps, he brings his legs up and goes forward, jumping over the ropes. He goes over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the second rope. He raises his arms. He then jumps back down as Alive stops playing, he then waits.

Black trunks with a white pattern going around it. White wrist tape on both arms with words "Wizard" on both of them in black ink. Black wrestling boots, one white shin gaurd going over the left foot with the outline of a wizard on them in black. A black elbow pad on the right arm and a white elbow pad on the left arm. One black kneepad on the right knee. One black leather glove with white accents on the right hand. Brown hair with blonde highlights. A tattoo of a skull with barbed wire wrapped around it and coming out of it on the upper left arm. A black painted cross underneath his left eye.
Regular Moveset:
Please Provide The Minimum Number Of Moves, But You Can Give More

Basic Attacks (Punches, Kicks etc.)
1. Superkick.
2. Step Up Enziguri.
3. Left Hand Punch.
4. Right Hand Punch.
5. Spinning Back Hand Slap.
6. Kick To Gut.
7. Pele Kick. (Backflip Kick.)

Front Grapples (Suplexes, DDTs etc.)
1. DDT.
2. Hurricanrana.
3. Cradle Shock. (Modified Samoan Driver.)
4. Future Shock. (Modified Fishermans Brainbuster.)
5. Powerbomb.
6. Piledriver.
7. Cradle Piledriver.
8. Double Underhook Piledriver.
9. Suplex.
10. Swinging Necbreaker.
11. 720 DDT. (Spinning springboards the ropes, then twists, catches opponent and nails him with a DDT.)
12. Corkscrew Neckbreaker.

Ground Moves (Leg Drop, Stomps etc.)
1. Jumping Knee Drop.
2. Kick To Head.
3. Springboard Elbow Drop.
4. Dancing Leg Drop. (Hand Stand Spun 180 degrees and lands with a leg drop.)
5. Standing Shooting Star Press.

Back Grapples (Back Suplexes, School Boy Pins etc.)
1. Back Suplex.
2. German Suplex.
3. Tiger Suplex.
4. Diving Reverse DDT.
5. Neckbreaker.
6. Reverse Suplex.
7. Reverse Hurricanrana.

Running Attacks (Clotheslines, Spears etc.)
1. Opponents seated on the mat, Travis runs and kicks their face.
2. Spinning Wheel Kick.
3. Spear.
4. Running Dropkick.

Diving Attacks (Mssile Dropkicks, Frog Splashes etc.)
1. Missile Dropkick.
2. 630 Senton.
3. Shooting Star Press.
4. Go-Round Pin.
5. Frog Splash.
6. Diving Hurricanrana.
7. Corkscrew Body Splash.

Submission Moves (Boston Crabs, Face Locks etc.)
1. The Walls Of Jeffries. (Micky take on The Walls Of Jericho.)
2. Ankle Lock.
3. Arm Triangle Lock.
4. Leg Scissors.
5. Single Leg Boston Crab.
6. Double Leg Boston Crab.
7. Grapevine Ankle Lock.
8. Blatant Choke.

Special Moveset

Finishers (Up to three):
1. Shining Wizard. (Opponent is on knees, Travis runs and hits a flying Enziguri to side of opponents head.)
2. The Adrenaline Rush. (Shooting Star Press off turnbuckle, lands and hits a DDT on opponent.)
3. The Decree Of Death. (Go To Sleep, CM Punk's Finisher.)

Signature Moves:
1. Motion Horror. (Runs at opponent, twists and hits a spear.)
2. Dead Level. (Slightly Modified Brainbuster.)
3. Face Fuck. (Springboard Facebuster.)
4. One Last Second. (RKO out of nowhere.)

Special Weapon Moves:
1. Smash Mouth. (Throws chair at opponents face.)
2. The Coast Battles. (Coast To Coast with any weapon.)
3. Spiral'd Motion. (Van-dam-in-ator.)

Personal Info (Optional)
Name: Cam.
Age: 14.
Gender: Male.
How'd you find out about this site: Scorpio told me about it.
Contact: PM Me.
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Travis Jeffries

Posts : 2
Join date : 2007-10-09

"The Shining Wizard" Travis Jeffries Empty
PostSubject: Re: "The Shining Wizard" Travis Jeffries   "The Shining Wizard" Travis Jeffries Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2007 4:40 pm

A New Man, Or A Changed Man?

*The scene slowly fades into a dark room, there is no light whatsoever in there, it is absolutely pitch black like the hole where Travis Jeffriesí heart is supposed to be. All of a sudden a miraculous piece of light hits one of the bear walls, we can now clearly see a dull colored wall with smidges of paint coming off of it, there is little indents on it aswel where it looks like something has gone threw it, maybe a fist from where a person has been enraged so much they canít control themselves. Or perhaps the same feeling, but with another mans head perhaps. Regardless, somebody has caused the dents. After a few more cold, light hearted seconds have gone past, the room floods with light, glistening everywhere, bouncing off the walls and making the room gleam with bright yellow light. The camera points in the upwards direction slowly and we can see a cracked light bulb which is quite filthy aswel, nonetheless the light hanging above is giving itís last hope of life and energy into lighting the room. Aswel as the bulb giving off light, the camera turns in the direction of right and we can see somebody has let a roll-up blind go and we can see the outside of the room aswel, it is not a pretty sight however. It is a dark and dingy car park, the glorious light has now turned gray and boring, there are cracked flowerpots near the side of the window with the plant slowly creeping up behind death to tell him it is his time to go, the flower uses up itís last resource to hang on to life for just that split second longer, to enjoy it while it can. The car park doesnít have many cars parked in it, about seven cars are parked in the spaces which are allocated, the cars are lying there still, motionless like the couldnít give a care in the world, hoping, waiting and probably pleading that their owners will sit inside of them and drive off far away from this dull place. The lines in which the cars were parked are barely visible anymore, the paint has been scraped off by the cars which have parked there, passers by and even the odd street sweeper/cleaner that passes by every once in a while, but it looks as though it doesnít regularly make a visit as the place is filthy with litter, gum, cigarette butts and more. The light in the room suddenly gives way and passes out, the room is now only lit by the outside light coming in from the window. The cameraman slowly lets out a breath of air, like he is sighing, or perhaps he is. The camera then raises up as it turns to the door, we see the cameramanís hand reach for the door knob, the door knob is dirty and has hand marks on it from when many other people, just like the cameraman have turned it and gone out of the room. But just like may others, the cameraman suddenly has an urge to stay in the room. The camera turns back around and we now see that the completely empty room, suddenly has a rocking chair in it, the rocking chair is a dark, blood red color and is worn and torn, chips off wood have been removed from it, the camera points downwards and the wood chippings are scattered all over the floor, slightly moving from the cameramanís warm breath which is coming from his mouth very deeply and loudly. We get the feeling that the cameraman is frightened as he races back towards the door knob and grabs hold of it, but when he twist it a loud groaning sound is heard coming from the rocking chair, the cameraman lets out a weak squeal as he turns the camera back around very slowly to the chair, the chair is rocking back and forth, back and worth extremely slow however, but back and forth nonetheless. The cameraman doesnít give a second thought as he screws the taping of whatever he was going to do as he drops the camera, and races towards the door and twists the knob before building up speed and stopping right next to the elevator, he pushes the button to call for the elevator but just like a horror movie the elevator takes forever to open. Frantically, the cameraman pushes the button as much as possible but the elevator decides to take itís time, the cameraman races towards the stairs but realizes the stairs have a big gaping hole in it, so he wonít be able to run down them. The cameraman then races towards the elevator again and seeís the doors have opened but are now about to close, he races with all his heart to get to them and just manage to squeeze through the doors, but what the cameraman doesnít realizes is that there are hidden cameras in the elevator so we can clearly see what is going on, the cameraman slumps down to a seated position and breathes out heavily, he thinks he is safe until the elevator music stops and a voice is heard over the speakers in the elevator. The voice is distorted and loud, and there are groaning noises going on in the background, the cameramanís face looks nervous as he looks towards the speakersÖ*

~:: Travis Jeffries l The Shining Wizard ::~ (Distorted voice)
Why hello there Mr Thompson, or should I say Samuel? You know me, I hate being formal, I like the more friendly approach than the business approach. But back to the point. Now Sam, I have been watching you for the past few days living your life without a care in the world, happily galloping threw the concrete jungle which we call a city. But I have recently seen my dear man, that after you have done being happy out and about, you are, how shall I put it, Miserable? Towards your wife Christina and your three children, Antony, Jacob and Cynthia.

*The cameraman puts on a petrified face, his lips tremble. His hands shake immensely with uncontrollable fear and his neck muscles tighten as we can clearly see through the hidden lens of the camera, a couple of seconds later the cameraman or Samuel as we will now call him, manages to squeeze a few words outÖ*

~:: Samuel l The Cameraman ::~
How the hell do you know me!? And how the hell do you know the names of my wife and three children? What are you? Who are you? Are you a stalker? A burglar? A murderer? Whoever you want I will give you all I have if you just leave me alone!! Please!! At least tell me who you are!!

*The lift suddenly comes to a dramatic holt, the lift bumps and Samuel bounces up and crashes back down to his seated position, he holds his tail bone area in agony as his scared face is still on him but this time with a look of pain on him aswell. The cameraman/Samuel manages to get to his feet and he wanders about the lift for a bit, extremely slowly he walks around and rummages around in every place possible just to find a weapon of some sort that will make him feel safer than he is right now. He goes towards the elevators keypad and bushes any button possible, he pushes every floor button frantically but has no luck. He then presses the emergency button and an extremely loud ringing sound can be heard. At first this sound made the cameraman/Samuel jump out of his skin, his blood flowing everywhere at the speed of lightning and his heart pumping 4 beats a second, the ringing stops and the voice begins again.*

~:: Travis Jeffries l The Shining Wizard ::~ (Distorted Voice)
Ahahaha, Mr Thompson, Samuel I mean. None of those buttons will work. You see my man I have de-activated the elevator, or to put it in laymanís terms, I have switched it off completely. You see I am in the nerve center of this building, the control panel as some might call it, I am watching every move you make. I am listening to every sound that comes out of your pathetic little mouth. You will not be able to escape the elevator until it is time.

~:: Samuel l The Cameraman::~
Well when the hell will it be time!? I want to get out of here, please sir!! Let me out, I have a wife and kids to get back too, they will be worried about me! Please let me go you psychotic maniac! You freak let me out!! Help!!

*The Cameraman/Samuel instantly starts hammering away at the door of the elevator with his fists, his feet and even his head a couple of times, he is constantly banging on the door hoping for somebody to hear him and let him out of the elevator or at least help him. The fear takes over him and he screams at the top of his lungs for help, many blue sea colored tears trickle down the cheeks of the mans face, racing from his eyes. The Cameraman/Samuel eventually gives up hope as he lets out one more last cry for help but it is drowned out by his fear.*

~:: Travis Jeffries l The Shining Wizard ::~ (Distorted Voice)
Oh yes, your wife and children, thank you for reminding me about them. You see they are partly the reason you are stuck in this sticky situation, wouldnít you say? Because as I stated before, you are happy and jolly outside of your home, but when you get back to your humble abode, you donít seem to happy. To me you seem almost angry and sadistic towards the ones that love you the most, and that isnít right now, is it? No it isnít, because from what I have seen, from what I have captured, you have been beating your wife, you have hurt her in so many different ways. You have punched her, kicked her and even threatened to kill her, yet she still loves you. And now your children, even worse, they come back from school waiting for their daddy to come home, pleading that today he will give them just a simple hug that they have been longing for, for so many days. But no, again you physically and mentally harm your children like you do to your beautiful wife, and all four of them still love you, but yet you continue to torture them and you donít even care. Samuel, they are human beings just like yourself. They hurt, they cry and they have emotions. You know how you are feeling right now? They are feeling just like you are, but they have to go through this every day of the week, isolated, scared, wandering whether this will be their last day alive because some freak is hurting them, they feel that, just like you are feeling right now. Do you feel like that Samuel? Do you feel hurt and isolated? Like this will be your last day alive? Well, do you?

~:: Samuel l The Cameraman ::~
Yes! Yes already!! I do feel like that and I really am sorry for what I have done. Just please donít hurt me okay? Please!! Like you said we are all human beings, we all have emotions!!

~:: Travis Jeffries l The Shining Wizard ::~ (Distorted Voice)
Thatís just it you see! I felt that you didnít. I felt that when you were harming your family, you didnít care, you just wanted yourself to be happy, the only emotion I saw from you was anger. Anger towards your family, towards your wife and even to your own flesh and blood. You do not appreciate them, which means you do not appreciate life itself, because those four people, ARE YOUR LIFE Samuel! They make you who you are!! So as you do not wish to appreciate them then here it is, you have just two minutes Samuel, to escape from this elevator, or it will come crashing down to the ground floor killing everybody inside of it, which means YOU Samuel, so if you want to ever see your family again, I suggest you look for a way out, live or die make your choice, the time is ticking, start, NOW!!

*The Cameraman/Samuel rapidly shakes his head in disbelief over what he just heard over the elevator speakers, many thoughts are rushing though Samuelís head, he has just been told that within two minutes his life could end and that he may never see his family again, his dark blood red lips tremble with fear once more as he springs to his feet and rummages about the elevator looking for a way out, he brings his head upwards and sees there is a hole in the roof of the elevator just big enough for him to squeeze through, he frantically looks to see if there is anything he can stand on to get himself to the roof, he cannot see anything so he just gives up hope, he slumps down to the seated position he was in earlier and waits for his fate.*

~:: Travis Jeffries l The Shining Wizard ::~ (Distorted Voice)
Giving up so easily? Thought so, goodbye Samuel, I will make sure that your family and friends know what has happened to you. I will make sure they know you will never come back because you are such a coward and that you would just give up on life, but hey, you bought this on yourself, so Samuel, Rest In Peace my friend, good luck in hell.

*Travis Jeffries is heard laughing psychotically as we hear a button sound, we then hear the elevator cable snap and a very horrified looking Samuel Thompson awaiting his doom. Samuel screams as the elevator drops 23 storeyís up to the ground floor, the camera fades to a pitch black screen as an elevator crashing to the ground is heard and we hear bines snap, but we do not see his death. The sound then fades out just like the camera.*
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"The Shining Wizard" Travis Jeffries
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