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 Rules for FCW:

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Drake Daniels

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PostSubject: Rules for FCW:   Rules for FCW: Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2007 8:09 pm

Rules for FCW:

* One we just added last week is the Sandbagging rule. This covers a few areas, Donít wait till deadline to get a rp up, and Give your foe at least a day and a half to post a rp after you already rper. Just donít do it, Its no fun, and its boarder line disrespectful. (Credit: BLWA rule I liked it and took it from Johnny )

~ Do Not Steal anyone's work and act like its your own. If you get caught you will be banned from FCW and added to a list of Jobbers that will be used to put people over. This is a game, if you can't use your own stuff why play it. This also goes for characters as well.

~ Do Not use someone elseís characters without there permission. It's not fair to that person and it may break their characters alignment and push. This goes for Rps and Segments. If you want to use someone for a segment, or a joint rp you must get there permission first. This means in any substance they should not be in a rp without consent.

~ We maybe a e-fed but please people lets keeps this as real as we can. No killing someone and having them come back to life. No mass sucided or murder stuff, nothing that seems to far fecthed. Undertaker/Gangrel gimmicks are understandable, don't cross the line between what can be true and what can't be.

~ There will be a deadline for Rampage, anything past that deadline will not count towards the winner, but will count to further storylines and help get your guy over. I want to try and see just as much Development Rp's as Card Rp's. Not saying you have to it would just be nice. Speaking of Deadline it will be 1am eastern time on Monday. This will be fair to those in a different time standard them myself and I will be up that late usually anyway. The Show will be on Tuesday. PPV's will work the same way and just replace that weeks show.

~ As for the limit on Rp's, The best two will be counted but there is no limit on to how many can be written. I will read them all so don't worry.

~ We are a place that only accepts Original Wrestlers. There will be no exceptions to that rule. It's not that hard to make up a name and work with it.

~ There will be no flamming of the staff on the OOC boards. Pm them if you have a problem or PM me to help solve the problem. I am a very fair man and plan to stay that way. I do not wanna see some bullshit fight on the boards because someone beat someone or they didn't like how they were used. Take it to a PM

~ All matches are judge down the middle. I am a fair man and understand not everyone is a English Major. Spelling and Grammar needs to just good enough to get thre it without going damn or x'ing out of it. All Rp's will be judge on how well they get the storyline and yourself over. How well its put together and honestly how entertaing it is.
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Rules for FCW:
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