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 "The Executioner" Poison

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PostSubject: "The Executioner" Poison   "The Executioner" Poison Icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2007 3:42 pm

Fusion Championship Wrestling Contract Signing
Superstar's Image:
"The Executioner" Poison Jeff_hardy3
Superstar's Name:Poison
Alias/Nickname(s): The Executioer
Hometown:Boston Mass
Height: 6'1
Picbase:Jeff Hardy
Quote(s):"I am you're judge you're jury and most importantly i am you're Executioner
Theme Music:You wouldnt know by Hell yeah
Entrance (Write it as you'd like it to appear on the results):Hits and Poison come running out and slides into the ring he runs to the corner and sits down.

Appearance:Rainbow Hair blue eyes Black wife beater and black cargo pants
Regular Moveset:1.Plancha
5.Whiper in the wind
6.Top rope flying clotheline
7.German Suplex
8.450 splash
10.irish Whip into table.

Please Provide The Minimum Number Of Moves, But You Can Give More

Basic Attacks (Punches, Kicks etc.)
1.Leg Feed mule kick
2.spinning discuc punches
3.Punch to the face

Front Grapples (Suplexes, DDTs etc.)
1.Snap supleex
2.Jaw Jacker
3.Suplex into a front face buster
4.belly to belly suplex
5.low blow

Ground Moves (Leg Drop, Stomps etc.)
1.Leg drop to groin
2.leg drop/pin combonation
4.dancing leg drop(john morrison)

Back Grapples (Back Suplexes, School Boy Pins etc.)
1.German Suplex
2.School boy Pin
3.Back Cracker
4.victory roll
5.chop block

Running Attacks (Clotheslines, Spears etc.)
1.Wrap around clothesline
2.Drop Kick

Diving Attacks (Mssile Dropkicks, Frog Splashes etc.)
1.Senton Bomb
2.Freg Splash
3.Leg Drop

Submission Moves (Boston Crabs, Face Locks etc.)
2.Boston Crab
4.Ankle Lock

Special Moveset

Finishers (Up to three):
1.Hangmans Special-Poison lifts his opponent into a delayed suplex then snaps around and hits a cutter.
2.Poison Bomb-High angle senton bomb

Signature Moves:
1.Leg Drop to mid section
2.Leg drop/pin combo

Special Weapon Moves:
1.Poison bomb or hangmans speacial through tables
2.Leg drops off of a ladder

Sample RP:The scene opens to Poison getting out of a Ford Mustang Gt wearing a black wifebeater and a black pair of jeans. Poison walks to an abondend building and goes to open the door but its stuck.Poison pushes with all his might but it wont budge. Poison now getting frustrated starts to kick the door when finally it opens.Poison walks into the building in the middle of the room they are in is a Wrestling ring and all around it are chairs. Poison rolls into the ring and climbs the closet turnbuckle nad raises his arms like he was actually at a show drops them then bounces off the ropes. Poison then rolls out of the ring and just sits down and stares at the ring for a minute then begins to talk.

"This here is the ring that I wrestled my first match the ring that i won my first match and also the ring that I one my first title all in the same night. you see the then Heavyweight Champion thats he was all that and picked me out of hte crowd to wrestle him not knowing that I had been training for three years. So he calls me out and obviously i hustled him acting like I had never wrestle a match in my life but as soon as that bell rang oo boy i hit him with planchas hurricaranas and finally the Poison from Above and that was it I won the Chaotic Championship in under five minutes. Now im not saying this is how my TEWF match is going to go no it can't go that way there to much talent in that ring i mean theres Dynamite he isn't gonna be easy to take down he had an impressive unbeaten streak in TEWF for quite awhile until you meet me and my team of wrestlers at Bloodbath when me and my brother sent you through the light tube and Dynamite i have a question who pinned you?[Poison places his hand on his chin as tho he was thinking] Oh yeah me after i hit you with the leg drop i forgot trust I know i can do it again. Deanster let me think back to our first match together. ooh yeah i ended the match when I busted you're arm open so bad you needed twenty seven stitches then the next week you hit me with a chair that sent Raum into this match and well like i had been saying for weeks he didn't deserve the title shot and obviously he didn't then the week after that a ladder match for the last spot in the fatal four way tonight and i had bit beaten I had destroyed you with that ladder all I had to do was set it up and climb it but before I can do that that little bitch K-Non takes the title who wasn't even in the match. And look at him a week before the show he gets taken out so i get my rightful spot back but you deanster you don't deserve a title shot tonight you don't deserve a title shot period. How many titles have you held one i held three of the highest title in this business beside the undisputed championship of coarse I held the three highest titles simultaneously so obviously i deserve this title shot. Strife now there the only wrestler in this match that has a shot at beating me tonight has a shot at taking that title from me and the only reason he has the chance if because he's like me ball to the wall take action now think about the pain later.

Poison looks at the ring and then back into the camera.

"Now dynamite i know you're gonna come back with the whole you copied me thing I went to show my first ring first [Poison spits on the floor] The reason I did this was not to copy you but to show you that unlike were you wrestled which is now a beaten up piece of shit of a ring that where I first wrestled is still thriving with excitement but. The problem is when you showed the ring you first wrestled in its was probably in that shape when you wrestled there because there is no way some as shitty as you can come out of a good federation. Me hell i came out of the best indy promotion there is Chaotic Wrestling where winners are born. Dynamite i don't even know where you came from probably some shitty fed in some inbreed hick town well I'll see you in the ring.

Poison slowly gets up and looks back at the ring again a look of sorrow on his face. he then turns and begins to walk out of the room but stops lights a cigarette takes a long drag off of it then walks out of the building as the camera fades out.
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"The Executioner" Poison
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