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 Freddy Castro

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Fusion Championship
Wrestling Contract


Freddy Castro Daddy20Yankee2010

Superstar's Name: Freddy ''The Don'' Castro
Alias/Nickname(s): Daddy, Don Castro

Gender: Male
Hometown: Havana, Cuba
Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210
Picbase: Daddy Yankee
Alignment: Tweener, Everyone but Hispanics hates him
Gimmick: Cocky
Quote(s): 'Say goodnight to the Bad guy!'
Theme Music: Who's Your Daddy: Daddy Yankee
Entrance (Write it as you'd like it to appear on the results):

Who's your daddy hits over the PA System and a bunch of latina's come dancing on top of the entrance way and the ramp all waving the Cuban flag. The ones on top of the ramp hold there flags in a circle and when there is an explosion They move the falgs and Freddy Castro is shot into the air.

Once he hits the ramp he starts to dance with a random latina before he spins her around and makes his way down the ramp. He slides into the ring and leaps on the nearest turnbuckle and waves the cuban flag for everyone in the arena to see.

Appearance: Wears baggy wrestling tights split down the middle, One side is white and the other side is black, with the imprint of the Cuban flag on the white side, and they name Daddy Castro in white letters running down the black side of tights. He wears matching elbow pads, and baseball batting gloves on his hands.


Basic Attacks:

1. spinning wheel kick
2. Yakuza kick
3. spinning clothesline
4. High Knee Shot
5. Upper cut
6. Hurricarana

Front Grapples:

1. Powerdriver
2. Stunner
3. Fall-a-way slam
4. DDT
5. pedigree
6. Powerbomb (on smaller foes)
7. F-U
8. School Boy

Ground Moves:

1. Dragon Sleeper
2. Boston Crab
3. Sharpshooter
4. Ankle Lock

Back Grapples:

1. German Suplex
2. Bulldog
3. Reverse DDT
4. Reverse DDT
5. Reverse Stunner

Running Attacks:

1. 619
2. Spear
3. Bronco Buster
4. Clothesline

Diving Attacks:

1. Frog Splash
2. 450 shooting star press
3. Swanton Bomb
4. Elbow Drop
5. 360 Moonsault

Special Moveset


1. Havana Slice: Super Kick
2. Castro's Cut: RKO

Signature Moves:

1. Hot Shot: Frog Splash to standing foe

Special Weapon Moves:

1. Shooting Star Press off Ladder

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Freddy Castro
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