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PostSubject: Jake Stunner   Jake Stunner Icon_minitimeMon Oct 08, 2007 10:38 pm

Fusion Championship Wrestling Contract Signing
Superstar's Image: Jake Stunner Matt-Tuck-01

Superstar's Name: Jake Stunner
Alias/Nickname(s): "Jake The Snake" "Jumpin'" Jake Stunner
Gender: Male
Hometown: Bridgend, South Wales
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210
Picbase: Matt Tuck from Bullet for my Valentine
Alignment: Face
Gimmick: A High Energy extremist. Pushes himself to the limit in every match, and isn't afraid to put his body on the line. Anything to help him win the match

Quote(s): "This your last chance, 'cause when that bell rings, it's your ass"

Theme Music: "Four Words (To Choke Upon)-Bullet for my Valentine
Entrance (Write it as you'd like it to appear on the results): "Four Words To Choke Upon" hits the speakers and Jake Stunner walks out from behind the curtain with his black and red Jackson V guitar. He stands at the top of the stage and gets into a power stance and starts strumming along with his music as red pyro explodes behind him to a roar from the fans. When the main riff stops and the pyro calms, he continues his walk to the stage. He slaps hands with the fans on the sides of the ramp and begins to climb the steps. He climbs up to the top rope and plays some more on his guitar, then he takes the guitar off from around his neck and sets the neck strap around the turnbuckle and jumps from the top and paces back and forth in his corner awaiting his opponent.

Appearance: Shoulder length, dark brown hair with to blond highlights at the front on either side of his face. Has a stud ring right below his bottom lip. His ring and backstage attire usually consists of a band shirt, usually Metallica, with the sleeves ripped off. Wears acid wash jeans and black Vans. Has tattoos up and down his arms

Regular Moveset:
Please Provide The Minimum Number Of Moves, But You Can Give More

Basic Attacks (Punches, Kicks etc.)
1. Standing Hip Toss
2. Pele
3. Shining Wizard

Front Grapples (Suplexes, DDTs etc.)
1. Sitout Jawbreaker (Jeff Hardy's)
2. Impaler DDT
3. Corkscrew Neckbreaker
4. Dudley Dog
5. Novacain

Ground Moves (Leg Drop, Stomps etc.)
1. Standing Moonsault
2. Mount and Pound
3. Victory Roll
4. Triple Elbow Drop

Back Grapples (Back Suplexes, School Boy Pins etc.)
1. Samoan Drop
2. Tiger Driver
3. Dragon Whip
4. Sliced Bread #2
5. Russian Leg Sweep

Running Attacks (Clotheslines, Spears etc.)
1. High Angle Dropkick
2. Running Knee Lift
3. Running Flying Elbow

Diving Attacks (Mssile Dropkicks, Frog Splashes etc.)
1. BME
2. Missile Dropkick
3. DDT From Top Rope

Submission Moves (Boston Crabs, Face Locks etc.)
1. STF
2. Sleeperhold
3. Triangle Hold
4. Figure Four

Special Moveset

Finishers (Up to three):
1. T.R.U.T.H. (The Real Unplanned Trip to Hell)-Delivers a Celtic Cross then stands and does a backflip and drives his knees into his opponents chest, then stands and drives a knee into their face, he then grabs their head and pulls them to their feet and headbutts them twice, then puts his arm around the opponents throat and jumps up, throwing his feet backwards, then swings his feet forward rapidly and pulls his opponents head down and drives it into the mat.
2. Tear Drop: Corkscrew 630 Splash
3. Shooting Star Press

Signature Moves:
1. Missile Dropkick
2. Impaler DDT

Special Weapon Moves:
1. Vandaminator
2. Celtic Cross onto a chair

Sample RP: The scene opens up in a dimly lit, deserted arena. The crew has finished setting up the stage and ring for tomorrow night's show and have gone home for the evening. Tomorrow's a big day. Many championships are on the line, and it's being billed as the biggest show of the year for the Total Extreme Wrestling Federation. There is a man sitting at the top of the bottom left turnbuckle of the ring with a very nice guitar sitting in his lap. You can hear him pluck the strings, and the sharp staccato of the un-amplified notes echo throughout the empty arena, bouncing off the empty seats and the arched walls. It's a pleasant sound though, and the man is very talented at playing. An even closer look and you can hear the man singing....

"With blood shot eyes, I watch you sleeping
The warmth I feel beside me is slowly fading
Would she hear me, if I called her name?
Would she hold me, if she knew my shame?

There's always something different going wrong
The path I walk is in the wrong direction
There's always someone fucking hanging on
Can anybody help me makes things better?

Your tears don't fall, they crash around me
Her conscious calls, the guilty to come home
Your tears don't fall, they crash around me
Her conscious calls, the guilty to come home"

*Clap, Clap, Clap*

A man is walking down the steps clapping his hands slowly and sharply. The shadows of the dimly lit arena veil the man from being recognizable. He stops clapping and as the man singing also stops. It's deafly quiet and all that can be heard is the shadowed man's feet clanging against the metal ramp. The man walks out of the shadows and it is none other that GM of Impact Drake Daniels. He walks up the steps to the ring and climbs into the ring and steps in front of the man.

Drake: Very nice. That's a great song, and you are a fantastic guitar player...but, don't you think it's a little late for you to be hanging around the arena?

Man: Nah, it's actually kind of relaxing. I like hanging around inside empty buildings, it calms me down and helps me think...Besides, I heard you were the one to talk to about wrestling in the TEWF and I figured you'd still be around preparing for tomorrow's show...I'm Jake by the way...Jake Stunner

*reaches his hand out*

Drake: Drake Daniels, pleasure to meet you

*shakes Jake's hand*

Jake: Nah, the pleasure's all mine. I've been looking forward to stand in this ring and talk to you since I first got interested in wrestling. I've always been enamored with the TEWF, and it's been a life's dream of mine to one day compete in this ring...and I love the way you've been running this place ever since the Brand Separation failed. You're a real hero of mine, keeping this place alive and thriving like this, and I have all the respect in the world for what you've done for this place.

Drake: Thanks, I appreciate it. It's not to often I get to hear from a fan's point of view of how things are going. Usually it's just guys telling me what I want to hear in a way to suck up so I will give them the match they want. It's refreshing to hear a fan's opinion, it's refreshing.

Jake: Yeah...

Drake: Sooo, you're here at 10:45 at night...on the eve of one of our biggest shows of the year...playing the guitar...a-

Jake: and singing

*Jake smiles and laughs. Drake gives a chuckle*

Drake:...and singing...and waiting for me...because you want to be a wrestler in the TEWF. Is that about right?

Jake: Yeah you pretty much hit the nail on the head there

Drake: That takes a real devotion to the game...and it takes a lot of balls to go into an arena unauthorized the night before a huge event...and I ought to have you arrested for breaking and entering

*Jake looks at his guitar, downtrodden, then looks back up to see Drake smiling*

Drake: But I'm not gonna do that

Jake: Why not?

Drake: Because I wanna see what you got. I wanna see you prove to me that you can wrestle here in the TEWF.

Jake: How do I do that?

Drake: Like this...JEFF!!

*A large man in a custodial uniform walks from the stands and climbs into the ring.*

Drake: This is Jeff...or as you may know him, he's the-


Drake: Well, he used to be. Ever since that match with Steve he's been working as a crew member, helping with the construction of the ring and steps...and you're gonna wrestle him right here, right now

Jake: WHAT!

Drake: And If you can beat him, or put up enough of a fight against him, I will give you a TEWF contract. I will be the referee.

Jake: Alright!

*Jake gets off of the turnbuckle and puts the neck strap of his guitar around the turnbuckle and gets ready to wrestle Jeff aka Android*


Jake and Jeff run at each other and meet in the middle of the ring in a collar and elbow tie-up. Jake gets him in a headlock, but Jeff begins to lift him up in a back drop, but Jake backflips out of it and shoves Jeff into a corner. Jeff bounces off the turnbuckles chest first, and turns around and is met by a flying elbow from Jake. With Jeff on the ground, Jake does a standing moonsault and goes for the quick pin. Drake slides into position...1...2...NO! Jeff kicks out and Jake stands up quickly and pulls Jeff to his feet. He delivers a quick snap suplex, and with his hands still locked, pulls Jeff back up and delivers another snap suplex. He hurries and climbs to the top rope and does a moonsault on the downed Jeff, but Jeff rolls out of the way and Jake lands on his feet. Jeff gets up and runs at Jake, who ducks him and delivers a Russian Leg Sweep. Jake lifts Jeff to his feet and hits him with a sit out Jawbreaker. Jeff's head snaps up and he clutches at his face. Jake runs at him and hits him with a running knee lift, driving him into the corner. He does a monkey flip and tosses jeff into the center of the ring. Jake climbs to the top turnbuckle and waits for Jeff to get to his feet. He jumps and delivers a missile dropkick, knocking Jeff to the ground, and hurriedly getting back to his feet. He waits for Jeff to get to his feet and hits him with a Celtic Cross. He then stands up and does a backflip and drives his knees into Jeff's chest, then stands with one leg and grabs Jeff's shoulders, and then thrusts his other knee into Jeff's face. He then pulls Jeff to his feet and headbutts him twice. Then he wraps his arm around the front of Jeff's throat and jumps up and kicks his feet out backwards, and then rapidly swings his legs forward and drives Jeff's head into the mat. He rolls him over and covers him...1...2...3!

Drake: Wow! That was absolutely amazing. I've never seen him get manhandled by that. You absolutely deserve a TEWF contract and I can't wait to have you on my show. That was absolutely superb.

*Jake is breathing heavily*

Jake: Thank you so much. Coming from you that is the greatest compliment I could ever receive...by the way...when do I start?

Drake: As soon as I can work you into a match...By the way, what do you call that last set of moves you did on Jeff?

Jake: Haha, I call that T.R.U.T.H....The Real Unplanned Trip to Hell...I came up with it myself

Drake: Well it's a great combination, and if anybody in the TEWF gets caught in that, their gonna be done for haha...

Jake: Yeah, I don't know...there's some great guys wrestling here. I just can't wait to perform in front of the crowds and wrestle some of those great talents

Drake: Yeah, neither can I. You're truly amazing man

Drake and Jake Stunner shake hands and then Drake wishes him goodbye and invites him to tomorrow's show and then exits the ring and walks to the back and goes home for the evening. Jake pulls his guitar from the turnbuckle and climbs atop the post and begins playing again. This time with a huge smile on his face...The scene fades out to black

Personal Info (Optional)
Name: Jake
Age: 17
Gender: Male
How'd you find out about this site: Drake
Contact: If you need it just ask me
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