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 The Golden Lion Johnny Cade

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PostSubject: The Golden Lion Johnny Cade   The Golden Lion Johnny Cade Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2007 8:14 pm

Superstar's Name: Johnny Cade (not outsiders)
Alias/Nickname(s): The Real Deal , The Golden lion
Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit Michigan
Height: 6'3
Weight: 230 lbs
Picbase: Johnny Cage
Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: A cocky young man , grew up on the streets at the age of 12. He later in his life made a bussiness in acting and became known as "The Real Deal , Johnny Cade"
Quote(s): You'll See!
Theme Music: Much more beautiful person - Bowling for soup
Entrance (Write it as you'd like it to appear on the results): Smoke rises up from the stage area and when the smoke settles we see Johnny Cade with his signature hand triangle pose. He walks down the aisle with his blue sunglasses reflecting off the lights. He rubs the steel centerpiece on his waist belt and hops up on the aprong and enters the ring. He then walks to the center of the rope and does his triangle hand taunt as pyro shoots from all turnbuckle poles and connects , pouring sparks on Cades body.
Appearance: exactly like the picture
Regular Moveset:
Please Provide The Minimum Number Of Moves, But You Can Give More

Basic Attacks (Punches, Kicks etc.)
1. dropkick
2. leg sweep
3. spinning wheel kick
4. judo kick
5. paleigh kick

Front Grapples (Suplexes, DDTs etc.)
1. tornado ddt
2. butterfly suplex
3. steam roller
4. back breaker
5. front backstabber
6. Tazz capture suplex

Ground Moves (Leg Drop, Stomps etc.)
1. leg drop
2. moonsault to gut
3. double knee smash
4. fury punches

Back Grapples (Back Suplexes, School Boy Pins etc.)
1. spinout powerbomb
2. test drive
3. oska street cutter
4. back suplex
5. backbreaker

Running Attacks (Clotheslines, Spears etc.)
1. shinning wizard
2. enziguri
3. clothesline
4. spear
5. cross body

Diving Attacks (Mssile Dropkicks, Frog Splashes etc.)
1. diving fame asser
2. moonsault (when opponent is standing)
3. missle dropkick

Submission Moves (Boston Crabs, Face Locks etc.)
1. butterfly lock
2. headlock
3. hammerlock
4. arm wrench

Special Moveset

Finishers (Up to three):
1. The Cade Raid (Falcon arrow)
2. Flashback
3. Cradle lock (Cradle Shock into a Camel Clutch)

Signature Moves:
1. Cade uppercut
2. Caded Crippler (crossface)

Special Weapon Moves:
1. Cade Raid onto chair
2. Coast to Coast

Sample RP:

The screen fades to a promo featuring a shadow kick boxing on a punching bag. We later see judo technique moves onto another shadow. The screen then turns to a close up on Johnny cades glasses with a reflection of Cades eyes with a determined look.

Cade: Judo...One can describe this fighting style....Cade!

The screen then turns to the shadow of Johnny Cade judo kicking another shadow and blood dripping onto the white floor.

Cade: Unless you don't know my name is Johnny Cade. I'm a professional Judo technician and I'm coming to FCW. Theres one difference between me and the rest of FCW!....I actually have the talent to kill a man! I grew up in a lousy town of Detroit Michigan and grew up on the streets. I was living in every kids hell for 5 years. Then I got a deal in acting for 3 years and in one of my movies I was a karate master. Acting in that movie made me realize my real passion....Fighting. I went onto Japan known as the Golden Lion!

The screen shows Johnny Cades waist belt with the golden lion head glimmering in the camera's reflection.

Cade: I was undefeated for 2 years and moved back to teh United States and wrestled in the UFC! During a PPV I messed up a Judo Kick to the temple and killed a guy. I was arrested for 2 years and was realeased at the age of 25 after I was proved guilty eventually. I was addicted to fighting after that incident. It made me feel powerful and feared. Thats what every man wants isnt it?

Cade winks and waves his hear back

Cade: People ask me why I did it. I tell them it was a accident but they never listen. They don't know the pain i go through. I have a son Johnny. Hes all i got! My parents died in a driveby shooting the day of my 12th birthday. I was furious and ran away hoping they wouldnt throw me in a adoption center. I stayed with my abused friend and we both grew up on the streets of Detroit. We later formed a gang with some other run away kids in the city. On a way to one of their houses my friend got stabbed by a older kid. I later found out that same kid performed the drive by shooting that my parents were invovled in. I got more information on him and when we grew older he joined the UFC and thats another reason why I joined. At a PPV I killed him on purpose! I wiped the blood off his face and put it on my chest and what did I do next?! I laughed at that sick son of a bitch and spat in his face for killing everything I had!

Cade takes off his glasses revieling his cold blue eyes and the rest of his good looking face.

Cade: If I ever returned to the UFC I would be easily put in jail again. Thats why I'm coming to FCW. To prove that I am unstoppable. And that I'm capable of being the absolute best! I'm not afraid of anyone or anything. Why do you think they call me the golden lion? Because I'm a leader like a lion. I lead the pack of rulers and take out everyone and scoop up their remains! Ill be HIW's Real Deal!.....You'll see!

Personal Info (Optional)
Name: Tyler
Age: 13
Gender: Male
How'd you find out about this site: HIW
Contact: T2thajoyal (AIM)
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The Golden Lion Johnny Cade
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