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 A Face From The Past

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PostSubject: A Face From The Past   A Face From The Past Icon_minitimeFri Oct 19, 2007 6:27 pm

A Face From The Past

Tuesday 9th October 2007

My mind was filled with images. Thoughts flooding to the corners and depths of my brain, swamping me like quicksand. My eyes opened quickly, the room was still in darkness, black licking at the grotty walls of my Chicago bed sit. My back and neck were stiff from the uncomfortable wire bed I was on, but I was grateful for somewhere other than a park to sleep. My eyes eventually re-adjusted themselves to the level of light, and I forced my legs to swing out of the bed, the itchy covers scraping against my flesh. I placed both feet onto the wooden floor, and winced as my left foot cut against a broken bottle. I looked down and picked it up, barely able to read the name on it, but I managed to work out 'Vodka' from it. Suddenly last night's binge drinking flooded into my mind, an evening of gulping bottles of burning liquid. I dropped the bottle again and pushed myself to my feet, yawning loudly and stretching my arms up. I caught a glimpse of myself in the partially broken mirror. God I looked bad. I hadn’t had a decent shave for weeks, and my hair was all matted. I turned and walked slightly, accidentally stubbing my toe on a table. I cried out and grabbed my foot in pain, and I saw the photo again. I had looked at it every day for the past two years, the pain in my heart ripping through me. There again I looked upon the face of the man who I called boss two years ago… Drake Daniels. There we were, Drake, Travis, Milana and Me. The hurt of Drake closing TEWF pulled on my heart again and nostalgia hit me. I shook my head in disbelief at myself. How could I dwell in the past so much? I pushed the photo down, our faces looking at the table. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I put the plastic, limescale-ridden kettle and walked over to the door.

John Granger
Two seconds!

I turned to the door, and within a few strides I was there. I twisted on the door’s handle, pulling it open. I regretted that decision instantaneously. Stood before me were two of Alfredo Greco’s cronies. Alfredo was the head of the Mafia’s Chicago branch, and after the collapse of TEWF, I had made the mistake of asking him for money. My head hung and I turned back, the two Italian mobsters stepping inside. I knew them quickly too; Giorgio Santorini and Luigi Greco, Alfredo’s brother. Giorgio pulled out some knuckle-dusters from his pocket. Luigi spun me around and pinned me against the wall. I’d learnt to take their punishments and just accept it than try and fight, it only made it worse.

Luigi Greco
You know why we’re here, don’t ya?

John Granger
You heard it was my birthday, and Pizzeria over there’s bought me a cake?

My snide comment earnt me a tough blow to the stomach from Giorgio. I winced at the pain, but tried to show resilience to the crime lord in front of me.

Luigi Greco
Where’s the money Granger?

John Granger
If I had any money, do you think I’d be living in this shit hole? I know you mafia types aren’t known for your brains, but that’s taking it to a whole new level.

Another punch, this time to my cheek. I felt something click and the salty taste of blood filled my mouth. I’d broken a tooth, but that was the least of my worries. Before Luigi could interrogate me more, his mobile phone rang. He dropped me and took the call.

Luigi Greco
What?… Yeah… I understand… I’m at Granger’s… Ok Alfredo… Yeah, bye.

Luigi turned to me and stared.

Luigi Greco
You were lucky this time. Alfredo wants me at a drug run. We’ll be back.

John Granger
It’s always a pleasure. Next time ring ahead and I’ll get some biscuits in. Oh, and tell Mario here to grow a tongue.

Giorgio took a dislike to my name-calling and one of his steel toe-capped boots landed on my face. My nose twisted and it began to bleed.

John Granger

I called as Luigi and Giorgio closed the door. Pain throbbed through my face as I got to my feet. I clutched my jaw, and hobbled to the kitchen, pulling out some old kitchen paper. I shoved it in my mouth to stop the bleeding. I turned and sighed. What sort of situation had I got myself into? Why am I like this? Two years ago I was on top of the world. I loved life, and life loved me with all of its heart. And now look at me. Washed up, broke, living in a cruddy old apartment with minimal electricity and no running water. Milana went off by herself six months ago, and since then I’ve gone into decline. Money gone… life gone. Milana was everything to me. As I was thinking back, the sharp ring of a telephone sliced through the air like a knife. I jumped with a start and moved to the handset, luckily this being one of the few periods of the day when I could get power. I wearily picked up the phone and placed it to my ear and paused before speaking.

John Granger

The voice that greeted me was familiar. I had known it from long back. It was my old boss, my old mentor, my old friend… Drake Daniels.

Drake Daniels
John… I know it’s been long but I need you. After TEWF collapsed, my life, like yours went into chaos. I managed to pull it together. In two weeks the first ever Tuesday Night Rampage shall begin. You see John; I’ve started my own federation. FCW. Away from Steve Norman, away from TEWF, and I want you in it.

That hit me like a bullet. Someone who mattered to me wanted me again, and I was going to be part of something. I was taken aback but I got my answer out.

John Granger
Erm…Drake, I’ve been in the gutter for two years. Of course I’ll be there in two weeks.

Drake Daniels
Great. Peace man.

The line clicked and there went my new hope. It had been a short conversation, and for Drake it most likely had been a business call, but to me it meant the world. Now there was a light at the end of the tunnel, there was an escape route from this hell, and I was going to take it. I had been out of a ring for a year and a half, and the prospect of getting back into one was like an orgasm. I was filled with pure joy. But what name was I to go under? John Granger? No… there was only one name for me. For 13 years of my 25-year lie I was known by this name. I picked up the phone again and dialled a number. A woman answered.

Candy Mancini
Alfredo Greco’s office. I’m sorry but Mr. Greco’s out for a while, can I take a message?

I composed myself and breathed deeply.

John Granger
Yeah… tell him… tell him Scorpio’s back, and he’s out for revenge!
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A Face From The Past
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