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 It's always darkest before the dawn

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It's always darkest before the dawn Empty
PostSubject: It's always darkest before the dawn   It's always darkest before the dawn Icon_minitimeSat Oct 20, 2007 2:07 am

-Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it-Quote, A man unblinded by Fear.

Darkness...Darkness...Darkness...it is all around us, never letting go, never letting go of you, all ways there when you close your eyes, allways there when the night begins to roll in. Only the stars, can penetrate the darkness, and it's times like these that stars begin to shine, when two clash with all of their heart. Two stars, scorpio and Psycho Dave, a pair of men whose past have been long intwined, will once again put aside their friedhip, put aside the agreement of nuetrality, and once again take up arms against the other. One man comes in looking for revenge, one man comes in looking for respect that has been lost a long time ago. Scorpio, the man of revenge, comes full force for the reasons that he has always been underlooked as a competitor to Psycho Dave, despite countless victories against,and with, him. Psycho Dave on the other hand comes in, knowing that the last time they met, the world was not enough, that he had not given enough, that he was the world, and he doomed us all in his failing, but now, now that he has come prepared, that he has come from a rut in his life, now he knows what he must do, he must not be the world's ending doom, but a savior from the darkness, a star.

The scene opens up in downtown sayerville, where the east brunswick bears are playing the sayerville bombers in the sixth match, coming into the match with a record of 3-2, the sayerville bombers a record of 5-1. Many looked upon the match as a give away, as that east brunswick would lose, probally shut out in their match, yet fans still came. The bears "den", that is the section of bears fans, one one side of the feild, would be filled with fans, even through rain was supposed to come and thunder. All fifty of the playets would be there, on the sideline cheering for their team, number 33, number 3, number 40, everyone. The best of the best where there, no one was missing who would be missed. Yet, there was one, number 83, a kid the size of near six foot, near one hundred eighty pounds, who wasn't dressed for whatever odd reason, he was the one who stood out to Psycho Dave. For you see, Psycho Dave watches all the east brunswick football games, but never did he see a player, who was not playing, be so excited for the match. He was helping people strech, he was throwing the football around with the quaterback to calm him, he was helping with aids to bring in the water jugs, he was the team. I had to know his name, so i quickly stood up from the matalic bleacher that i was sitting on, the top row wet from the rain, and walked down to the fence that seperated the field and the bleachers and surronding areas.

Psycho Dave ll FCW
Yo, eighty three! Come over here for a second!

Number eighty three looks up and starts to walk towards the man dressed in black, stopping when he neared the fence that seperated them.

Eighty Three ll Football Player
Ya man, what's up?

Psycho Dave ll FCW
Not much, just watching you guys strech over there...

Dave points to the top of the bleachers

Psycho Dave ll FCW
And I see you running everywhere and helping people out. I see everyone around there has their names on the back of their jerseys, yet you don't. I was wondering if you'd tell me your name, son?

Eighty Three ll Football Player
No problem, Name's Dave Lachowicz, I don't have my jersey name on the back becasue this is my sophomore year and i didn't order a jersey with my name on it, so they just gave me a school issued jersey, but it's o.k, many of the guys here already know me so it's all good.

As Dave puts is arm across the fence to shake his hand, A sudden fear went through Psycho Dave, he looks at the kid's face, and realizes he's looking at a mirror. The kid, looks like him, has his name, and looks like he has everything under control, something that Psycho Dave has been lacking, a thing to measure how he's doing in life.

Psycho Dave ll FCW
Dave huh, well that's odd, that's my first name, too. Heh...Well good luck kid, hope you pulll a upset.

Dave then shakes Psycho Dave's hand before going back to help people out. Psycho Dave, looking at his hands, thinks of what just happened. Not completly sure of it, Psycho Dave goes back up to the seat at the top, and begins to rack his brain. What could be happening, could it be that he went back in time? No, no that can't happen...but it could be a dream. That's it, it's a dream, i'm dreaming...but why this moment, why this day, what happened this day? !!!!! Psycho Dave suddenly remembered something, a call, from a old friend. drake, Drake something....Daniels, that's it, he called him to tell him what happened with TEWF. Supposedly the owner, wasn't there all the time, and left the company stuggling in the hands of Drake, but people got feed up with his behaviour and wuit and joined Drake's new promotion, FCW where he was the sole owner. Drake called to see if Dave was interested in joining, he told him he wasn't sure, but then he mentioned something that layed dormaint in him, he mentioned his name, Scorpio. He told him that he would give him the final shot that he needed to avenge his honor. Psycho Dave couldn't deny this last chance, he needed it, he needed to live with honor, something that he has been missing.

Suddenly, without warning, the air around him began to spin by, the world around him fast forwarding while he looked upon. The game, going in a seemingly fast pace, flew by. One minute later, the air stoped and tmie regain the norm, but the game was over, the score, 34-0, bears getting shut out, and with eighty three on the field grabbing some of the gear to take back to the bus, all the while staring at the score. In the end, people who shouldn't have played got in, this would have been his chance to get in a varsity game, but he missed the shot, he missed the boat by skipping practicethursday causing a suspension of one game. The twinkle that was in his eye before, it was gone and he walked to the bus, yet he walked with pride, for he was a east brunswick bear.

Psycho Dave ll FCW
Now i know why i dreamed of this moment, this was a crushing lost in a match i could have played in, the dream was shown and then cast away, yet i still walked away with honor. After all this, Psycho Dave looked down and realized, that that many years ago he understood honor, and now he walks without it. He must get it back, Scorpio's win here could not happen, that Dave needs this victory to have his pride with him.

Suddenly the air arounds him stiffens, and he wakes up... in darkness, yet on his hand, he sees a star, and against the darkness, it is shining against the darkness, hopelessly but still fighting.

Black Out

((FYI, my number is 83 and all of the events that you just read happened today, besides the meeting myself part))
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It's always darkest before the dawn
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