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 Are You Ready?

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Jake Stunner

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PostSubject: Are You Ready?   Are You Ready? Icon_minitimeSun Oct 21, 2007 9:52 pm

The scene opens up to a park in Southern Wales. The sky is dark with low hanging cumulus clouds. It threatens torrential downpour, and thunder can be heard off in the distance. The rolling green fields are darkened by the lack of sunlight and the blades sway back and forth in the steady breeze. The trees are waving gently from side to side. The wind gusts and leaves rustle and blow about, and all of a sudden things become dead quiet. It as an akward silence, and nothing is making a sound, except for the noticeable twang of an acoustic guitar. On a bench sits FCW Superstar Jake Stunner, guitar in hand, gently plucking away, oblivious of the oncoming storm. He is so engrossed in his music that he doesn't even stop to move his hair that has fallen into his face. He begins to sing and his voice is carried magnificently by the breeze and it makes his voice sound disembodied, as if it is coming directly from the heavens.

"Betrayed one more time,
But somewhere down that line
You're gonna get what's coming to you

Look at me now,
Look at me now,
Look at me now!

Pull the knife from my back,
Soon I'm the one that's on attack,
Can't wait to return the favour

Look at me now,
Look at me now,
Look at me now!

Too many time I've seen it,
Rip a hole into our friendship
This is how it's been, how it always will be

You think you're above me (You think you're above me!)
But now I'm here to end this
Four words to choke upon!

Look at me now!"

He stops playing and looks up with a slight grin, that is neither cocky, nor happy...but content

Jake: Tomorrow night I make my debut in FCW...but not only is it my debut in Fusion Championship Wrestling, it is also my debut in professional wrestling. I have never had a match in a real ring, just backyard matches and such...So this is a very big deal for me. As you can imagine my nerves are almost at their breaking point, because not only do I have the chance to prove that I belong here...I also have a chance, to tomorrow night, move one step closer to being the first ever Fusion Championship Wrestling World Champion.

Looks down, and then flips his hair back

Jake: This is the single greatest opportunity I've had so far in my life, and I am going to make the most of it. Tomorrow night I face a man who has wrestled with the best of them all over the world, a man known as Izzy Pop. I've watched him wrestle since I was a teenager, and I have all the respect in the world for him, but tomorrow night...It's not gonna be about respect, it's gonna be about me proving myself to the world. If you were in my position, you would have to ask yourself one thing, which is the same thing I've asked myself over and over again since I signed my name, Jake Stunner, on the bottom line of that FCW Contract...Jake Stunner...Are you ready for the big time?..and this question has been nagging me for the better part of a week in a half, just in the back of my mind bugging the living hell out of me, and after hours of the question tormenting me and taunting me...Hehe

Jake smiles and looks up to the sky, as booming lighting flashes across the stormy sky, and the thunder crashes, sounding like a gunshot. All of a sudden the crouds just let go and rain begins to pour and pour. It is raining in buckets, and Jake looks back down, still smiling

Jake: But now, I think I finally have an answer to that question...Am I Ready?

Flicks his wet hair out of his eyes and flashes a grin

Jake: Hell yeah I'm ready

Lightning and booming thunder continue to crash, and the rain continues to pour as Jake continues to sit on the bench and he begins to strum his guitar in the torrential rainfall. As the scene fades you can hear his voice, his guitar, and the thunder, all meld into one, to form a sweet, yet intimidating harmony
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Are You Ready?
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