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 'The King of FCW' Scorpio

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PostSubject: 'The King of FCW' Scorpio   'The King of FCW' Scorpio Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2007 2:55 am

Fusion Championship Wrestling Contract Signing
Superstar's Image:

'The King of FCW' Scorpio Shelley

Superstar's Name:
Scorpio (John Granger)

'The Son of Sadism'
'King of FCW'
'The Angel of Death'


London, England.

6' 4"


Alex Shelley

Mega Heel

Sadistic, Mad and The King!

'I'm The Son of Sadism, and you're the Son of a Bitch!'
'The Angel of Death... Is Here!'
'It doesn't matter who you are, I'll still beat the holy shit out of you'

Theme Music:
'King of My World' by Saliva

Entrance (Write it as you'd like it to appear on the results):
"King of my World" hits the arena and Scorpio steps out wearing a black leather cape and black wrestling trunks, along with Milana who is dressed in a mini-skirt and tight-fitting top, also wearing a leather cape. The pair embrace before walking down the ramp. As they reach the end of the ramp, Milana pushes Scorpio back and she jumps onto the apron, before doing a handstand, and flipping over the top rope. Scorpio runs at the ring, and slides in, at Milana's feet. He then stands up and holds his arms out, before bringing them down as white pyro explodes from the turnbuckle and lighting structure. Scorpio then awaits his opponent"

. Black wrestling trunks with his logo on it
. Black boots
. Black kneepads with Scorpions on the side
. Black elbow pads
. Dark hair with a red dyed fringe
. Black leather cape for entrance

Regular Moveset:
Please Provide The Minimum Number Of Moves, But You Can Give More

Basic Attacks
1. Shuffle Side Kick
2. Quick Jabs
3. Kicks To Legs
4. Snap Enzuigiri
5. Dragon Whip Kick
6. Clothesline
7. Knee To The Gut

Front Grapples
1. Fisherman Suplex
2. Vertical Suplex
3. Shining Wizard
4. Tornado DDT
5. Impaler DDT
6. Hurricanrana
7. Headscissors
8. Vertebreaker
9. Swining Neckbreaker
10. Elevated Cradle Neckbreaker
11. Gutbuster
12. Backbreaker
13. Crucifix Headscissors

Ground Moves
1. Curb Stomps
2. Kicks to Back/Head/Leg/Arm
3. Leg Drop
4. Knee Drop
5. Flip Senton Attack
6. Standing Moonsault
7. Standing Shooting Star Pres
8. Dropkick to Knee
9. Tope Atomico
10. Lionsault

Back Grapples
1. Back Suplex
2. Backslide Pin
3. Roll-Up
4. Hangman's Neckbreaker
5. Back Cracker
6. Spin Out Powerbomb
7. German Suplex
8. Back DDT

Running Attacks
1. Clothesline
2. Outside Crescent Kick
3. Knee Smash
4. Neckbreaker Drop
5. Headscissor Takedown
6. Lariat
7. Spinning Elbow Smash

Diving Attacks
1. Diving Clothesline
2. Missile Dropkick
3. Diving Leg Drop
4. Shooting Star Press
5. Houston hangover
6. Corkscrew Senton
7. 180 Corkscrew Moonsault (To Standing Opponent)
8. Moonsault Leg Drop

Submission Moves
1. Boston Crab
2. Surf Board
3. Single Leg Crab
4. Torture Rack
5. Top Rope Sleeperhold


Special Moveset

Finishers (Up to three):
1. The SKO (RKO)
2. B.D.T.T.K (a.k.a. Bow Down To The King) (Scorpio hits a low blow so the opponent alls to his knees before connecting with a vicious knee to the opponentys face)
3. Constellation (A Kryptonite Crunch/Celtic Cross, however Scorpio lands on his side, making it a headbump)

Signature Moves
1. Sting In The Tail (Corkscrew Monsault Pin)
2. Scorpio-Sault (Moonsaut Knee Drop - He does a moonsault but lands on his knees, on the opponent's chest)
3. Scorpio DDT (Top Rope DDT Onto Steel Steps)
4. The King's Decree (Kudu Tombstone Piledriver)

Special Weapon Moves
1. Constellation Onto A Chair
2. Sting In The Tail Through A Table

Sample RP:

Jealousy Is A Vicious Thing

The scene opens to a darkened room. The camera moves through the room, passing the walls, with their cream wallpaper. The camera focuses on a photograph of the man we know as Scorpio, sitting on the beach relaxing. The scrawled writing in the bottom right-hand corner of this photograph tells us that it was taken seven years ago from the present day. Seven years ago there was not a worry in Scorpioís mind, he was free from the strains and pains of professional wrestling, he had friends who wouldnít desert him in the blink of an eye, and he was popular, if he won something, heíd be congratulated, but now, like when Scorpio won his A-Division Championship, and his TEWF Tag Team Championship, he is envied instead of revered, looked at with disdain instead of adulation. The camera moves from this photograph to one on the desk beech wood desk. The light from a flat-screen computer illuminate the snapshot of Scorpioís past, and we see Scorpio and his former teammate, Psycho Dave. The two are enjoying themselves, and they are dressed in casual clothes, each one holding a can of beer. Both men are laughing, and we also see many other people looking at them with the admiration Scorpio used to enjoy all those years ago. As the camera continues to look at the photograph, a hand appears behind the leather-bound frame, knocking the photograph down, itís face, the image of more joyous times, now flat on the desk. The camera pans up, and focuses on the man who pushed the snapshot. The man is wearing a white t-shirt, which has some grungy grey pictures on it, and faded blue jeans. The camera than pans to the manís face, and we see the silhouette as TEWF Double Champion, Scorpio. Scorpio is breathing hard and deeply as he walks across the room, into his kitchen. He opens one of the oak-panelled cupboards, and retrieves a crystal whisky glass from inside, before replacing the door to a closed position. Scorpio then places the tumbler onto the marble work surface and then moves to glass-fronted cabinet. He listlessly pulls on the cabinetís polished glass door and takes out a crystal bottle, filled with a dark, titian-coloured liquid. Scorpio calmly pulls the cork from the bottle and pours the viscous liquid into the quartz chalice, before replacing the bottle in its place. Scorpio lifts the glass and takes it into living room, where he settles onto the burnt sienna leather sofa. He sighs before putting the goblet to his lips, and sipping at the whisky inside. He contorts his face as the bitter, sharp liquid hits the back of his throat, before placing the tumbler onto the oak side-table. Scorpio stares at the ceiling as the camera moves in front of him. Scorpio remains silent, before tediously moving his head to face the camera. He stares at the glass of the camera lens, before opening his mouth to speak.

Jealousy is a vicious thing. It eats away at you like gangrene of the mind until you cannot survive with it inside you anymore. This is also true for rivalry, and these are two things very much intertwined with the man you know as Psycho Dave, and myself. July 3rd 2007 will always stay imprinted on my brain, like a brand made with a glowing iron pole. That was the day myself and Psycho Dave first teamed together. That was the day we won the TEWF Tag Team Championships, and I wonít deny it, that was the greatest day of my life. Before then I was somewhat of a rookie in TEWF, I was shunned by my peers, ridiculed by others, and there was one man, my old friend, Psycho Dave who took me under his wing, my oldest friend in all the world, Dave Lac. Since I can remember Iíve known Psycho Dave, we used to enjoy night upon night out with each other, chatting up the girls, sorting out the world, or so we thought, and vowing to be friends until the end of time. So, back to July 3rd this year, when at last I was to get into the ring with my friend, and my god what an experience it was. When I wasnít in the ring, working my all to get those tag titles, I would stand on the apron of the Shockwave ring, and look on in awe as Dave worked Bad Blood and Shaiku up and down the ring. I have always strived to compete to as high a standard as he does, and at last I did, when I won the A-Division title at Highway to Hell. However, that was when the problem started. I donít know whether my mentor and friend coveted me for having two championship belts, I donít know whether he regretted handing his tag title to my protťgťe Travis Jeffries, but the second I got the pin on Joey Crash, his attitude to me, his oldest friend changed. Something inside him stopped dead. Some may claim it was our friendship, others may decide it was the bond, but I feel the only reason that Psycho Daveís ideas changed is because I have two titles more than him, and it pains me to think that the years of loyalty, decades of trust and lifetime of friendship boils down to sheer material gains, well if thatís the way you want to work this Dave, so be it!

Scorpio lifts his quartz tumbler again, and tips the remaining contents into his mouth. He fights the impulse to gag and choke as he swallows down the acidic whisky. He pushes himself off the settee and walks back into the kitchen, placing the glass into the stainless steel sink. Scorpio sighs and opens another oak-panelled cupboard, and takes out a packet of Marlboro Gold cigarettes and a lighter shaped like a gun. He strolls to the glass French patio doors, and heaves on one of the weighted posterns. Scorpio steps out and rests against the redbrick wall, and lights up a cigarette. He places the tobacco filled paper to his lips and sucks in the carcinogenic fumes, before removing the cigarette from his mouth, and blowing out the smoke. Scorpio closes his eyes, before facing the camera for a second time.

This Tuesday marks the official end of that friendship. There are many exciting matches this week, Iím looking forward to seeing John Starr and Deanster slog it out, but letís face it, the only reason people are going to the Ford Centre on the 14th August is to see the biggest match in TEWF Shockwave history. Itís the mentor vs apprentice, for a huge prize, the TEWF A-Division title. Psycho Dave, I respect you beyond all measures, but this Tuesday, all respect, friendship and trust is thrown aside. Our match will be an epic battle, Psycho Dave, if itís a fight you want, itís a fight you will get! Donít think for one second I will go easy on you because in a foolish moment I called you ďbuddyĒ. Well buddy, itís over, accept it. This match is the absolute end of it, the winner will get everything, and the loser will get nothing, thatís the way it is. Dave, I am undefeated in singles competition, the last singles match I was in was when I won that coveted prize, the A-Division title, and donít expect me to lose it the next singles match Iím in.

Scorpio takes another suck from his cigarette and he blows the smoke to his side. Scorpio moves to a stone bench on the edge of a flowerbed in the garden. He sits down on it, and takes a few more solitary puffs from his cigarette, before cruelly stubbing it out on the cold stone of the bench. Scorpio sighs and hangs his head in his arms, flooded with thought. He sits up and looks into the camera.

Dave, Iím going to be honest with you. That A-Division championship means the absolute world to me. That title is a part of my soul, and if you were to do the unthinkable this Tuesday, and somehow pin me, my soul would be ripped at the seam, Iíd be a different man. But I am a man of my word, and I will face you, and I will beat you. Iíve known you all my life, weíre practically brothers, but believe me, brotherly love went out the window the second your jealousy got the better of you, and now weíre at this crossroad. Psycho Dave, Tuesday night marks the end of it all. Our friendshipís over, your part with the Disciples of Apocalypse is over, and Tuesday, our rivalryís over. Thank you, good night, and I will see you in the ring!

Scorpio stands up from his bench and walks across the garden. He sighs before walking back into his house, locking the patio doors behind him. Scorpio turns around and walks into the living room, before climbing up the stairway. Scorpio turns right at the top of his stairs and walks down a lengthy corridor before turning left into his gym. He walks to the end of the gym, past bench presses, weights, and a full-size wrestling ring before reaching the glass cabinet, which is edged with stainless steel. Scorpio opens the thick crystal door to the cabinet, and we see the championship belts and trophies sitting in there. Scorpio reaches in, and retrieves his TEWF A-Division Championship Belt. He turns to the camera and places the Championship Belt over his shoulder, and rubs off a mark on it.

Oh Psycho Dave, I will indeed win that match, I will defend my title, and I will walk out of the Ford Centre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with both my titles, the bragging rights over you Psycho Dave, but above all, I will walk out of that match with my pride well and truly intact. See you in the ring Dave, and good luck.

Scorpio turns back and starts to replace his title belt in the cabinet, before Scorpio turns to the camera, smirks, and then the scene fades.


Personal Information (Optional)




How'd you find out about this site:
Drake Daniels

.... PM me



Superstar's Image:

'The King of FCW' Scorpio Arielgf3

Superstar's Name:

'The Woman Behind The DoA'
'Sexiest Woman in FCW'


Prague, Czech Republic

5' 7"




Voluptuous, Sexy and Manipulative Woman

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Posts : 76
Join date : 2007-10-09
Age : 26
Location : London, England

'The King of FCW' Scorpio Empty
PostSubject: Re: 'The King of FCW' Scorpio   'The King of FCW' Scorpio Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2007 6:41 pm

Just to let you know...

'The Angel of Death' is like Scorpio's name for himself when he goes psychotic and just destroys everyhting (e.g. September to Remember A-Division Championship match)
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Posts : 76
Join date : 2007-10-09
Age : 26
Location : London, England

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PostSubject: Re: 'The King of FCW' Scorpio   'The King of FCW' Scorpio Icon_minitimeMon Oct 22, 2007 3:32 pm

New Finisher: The SKO

this replaces the Scorpion Kick
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PostSubject: Re: 'The King of FCW' Scorpio   'The King of FCW' Scorpio Icon_minitime

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'The King of FCW' Scorpio
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