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 'The Rouge Angel' Dynamite

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PostSubject: 'The Rouge Angel' Dynamite   'The Rouge Angel' Dynamite Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2007 4:36 pm

Superstar's Name: 'The Rouge Angel' Dynamite

Alias/Nickname(s):'The Lord of the ring', 'The True Gift to Wrestling'

Gender: Male

Hometown: The City Of Angels

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 229 IBS



Quote(s): 'More than just the truth', 'The gosple', The Worship of Hate', 'The next step is here'.

Theme Music: Beautiful Disaster by 311

Entrance (Write it as you'd like it to appear on the results):

The arena goes silent and the speakers crackel the low static buzz turns into a high pitch roar after the noice in painful for all in the arena. Beautiful Disaster by 331 hit's the arena and the buzz cuts as well as the lights. The intro to Beautiful Disaster continues to play. After 20 seconds the lights return but they are a dark red so that only shadows and shapes can be seen. Dynamite appears on the impact stage. He walks out slowly. He stands still for a moment with his face covered but a single peice long hood. He is wearing a long over coat with simialr logo's and made of the same marterials as the hood.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...Standing at six feet and three inches...

Beautiful Disaster keeps playing and Dynamite takes a long stride so that he is standing before the ramp begins to slope down to the ring. Dynamite keeps walks slowly. As he walks past the shounting fans those in the first few rows fall silent.

Ring Annoncer: He weighs in at 229 IBS....

Dynamite makes his way further down to the ring. His feet hits the hard metal on the ramp and it foot steps can he head through the arena. His face is still covered by the long hood. He steps onto the mats before the ring. Dynamite looks up to the ring and his cold dark eyes can be seen under the long hood.

Ring Announcer: He hails from the city of Angels.

Dynamite takes a step forward and jumps onto the ring apron. He tunr to face the people packed into the impact arena. He pulls his hood back so that for the first time his face can be seen.

Ring Announcer: The Lord of the Ring..DYNAMITE!!

Dynamite steps into the ring. He takes of is over coat and he drops it and the hood out of the ring. He makes is way to the center to the mat and he movs his hand together. He slowly rubs his hand together two times. He moves back into the far left turn buckle and he gets ready for yet another match.


Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: A dark atheist he is gothic and seems to fear nothing on earth or else were. He spreads fear into the soul of his apponent. He is cocky but you almost have to agree with him. He has the affect of a monster but the size of a normal man.

Appearance: Bald head. With a black tatto around is right eye. On is chest he has a tatto of a crusafix make of two peice or razzor wire. On is arm he has a scar from a burn it is a strait line that cast a shaddown during a match.

Wrestler Ring Attire: Black a and red short tights. With teh same logo on his chest and around it the logog around is eye.



1. German suplex
2. Snap Suplex
3. Side kick
4. Belly to Belly
5. T-Bone Suplex
6. Tornado DDT
7. Rolling Powerbomb
8. Scoop Slam
9. Dropkick
10. Diving Headbutt
11. Senton
12. Flip Senton
13. Flip Leg drop
14. Belly to Back
15. Big Boot
16. Harley Race high Knee
17. Spine Buster
18. Moonsault
19. Super Kick
20. Rolling Cloths line
21. Bulldog
22. Turnbuckle powerbomb
23. Fisherman Suplex
24. Small package
25. Torture rack

2.Indian Death Lock
3.Figure four leg lock
4.Stepover Toehold Facelock
5.The Rings of Saturn
7.Ankel Lock
8.Chicken wing
9.Sleeper hold
10.Spinning toe hold


Finishing moves(include description) (MAXIMUM 3):

1. Heaven Sent- T-Bone Suplex.
2. Fall from Grace - High Jumping Top Rope Moonsault
3. Hell Bound- High Angle Bosten Crab


How long have you been using this character?: For about 9 months
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'The Rouge Angel' Dynamite
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