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 "The Headbanger" Izzy Pop

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Izzy Pop

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Fusion Championship Wrestling Contract Signing
"The Headbanger" Izzy Pop 05
(on the left)
Superstar's Name: Izzy Pop
Alias/Nickname(s): "The Headbanger"
Gender: Male
Hometown: Woodstock's main stage while mama moshed and daddy thrashed!
Height: 6`0
Weight: 243 lbs
Gimmick:Moshing headbanging hardcore loving, metal crazy ass stunt and prank puller
Quote(s): Its time to enter...THE MOSH PIT!
Theme Music:Redneck by Lamb of God
Entrance:Redneck hits and Izzy runs out. He mosh's all the way down the ramp then slides into the ring, he begins to Mosh in there as Redneck fades out.
-Knee kigh striped black and white socks
-medium length black boots with one side pink laced and the other lime green.
-a plaid skirt (usually sometimes wrestles in underwear)
-camoflauge boxers with his face on the dick
-shirt of a band who does hardcore/metal music
-eye make-up
-white taped wrist bands
-silver ball chain
-black huge stud earing, plastic and in about 1x1 inch
Regular Moveset:

Basic Attacks
1.Leg Lariat
2.Running Dropkick
3.Straight Punch
4.Glimmering Warlock
5.Headbang! (extremely hard jumping headbutt)

Front Grapples
2.The Pogo (Hopping up and down torture rack into a TKO)
3.Thrashing (Samoan driver)
4.Hurricarana Facebuster
5.Sitout running powerbomb
5.Pop goes the Headbanger(Styles clash)

Ground Moves (Leg Drop, Stomps etc.)
1.Leg Drop
2.Angry Stomps
3.Hopping Senton
4.Violent Elbow drop

Back Grapples (Back Suplexes, School Boy Pins etc.)
1.German Suplex
4.Electric Chair Pop (EC Drop)
5.No Izzy, no Izzy, no Izzy...Stop! (Edgecator)

Running Attacks
2.Leg Lariat

Diving Attacks
2.Leg Drop
3.Shooting Star Leg Drop

Submission Moves
1.Camel Clutch
2.Tear it Up (Octopus Stretch)
3.The Time of You're life ( hanging Straightjacket, ending with a sj powerbomb/driver

Special Moveset

1.The Mosh Pit (off the top rope, goes for like a hurricarana but doesn't spin just foces crotch into opponents face and forces them to the ground)
2.The Stage Dive (Top Rope inverted diving leg lariat)
3.Butt Butt ( Jumps backwards off of TB and hits ass on opponents face and then sits onto them)

Signature Moves:
1.Kronich Headbang (Diamond Dust but landed on head instead of shoulder)
2.Torenado DDT

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"The Headbanger" Izzy Pop
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